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Family Law SLC UT

An Experienced Divorce Attorney in Salt Lake City

Family Law SLC, UT is an aggressive divorce attorney in Salt Lake City who is willing to put in hard work to achieve positive results. He can represent you in difficult cases, particularly in cases surrounding family law. He will take the time to work with you one-on-one and can offer legal advice. Current clients trust Family Law SLC, UT to take care of important family matters. Read more about his legal knowledge below.

Now Practicing Diverse Areas of Family Law

Family Law SLC, UT has experience representing clients in all areas of family law. Consider his help if you are in a difficult situation and need advice or aggressive representation. His skills are not limited to acting as a divorce attorney. He can help you obtain the money you are entitled to. He can also help in many other cases, including the following:

  • Child custody
  • Child support
  • Protective order
  • Alimony
  • Asset division

Call Today for a Free Consultation

Make an appointment to meet with Family Law SLC, UT to discuss your specific situation. This initial consultation is completely free for new clients. Bring your questions and concerns to this consultation and you will be able to have a professional lawyer answer the questions in a one-on-one setting. Seek advice from someone with more than 20 years of experience! Take control of your future and hire a lawyer today for help. Call now to schedule services with Family Law SLC, UT, Attorney at Law.

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